Minor Collision

In the event that you were involved in a seemingly minor car collision, you might not think you want to seek advice from an attorney. Wrong! Even if you don’t believe you’ve been significantly injured, it’s of vital importance to see you might not really realize the real situation. You might have injuries that aren’t immediately evident. You might have ongoing long term issues that are the result of the car collision. Know what to do beforehand, and you’ll have the ability to obtain the help you require. http://www.ltlawoffice.com/

The next thing you need to do, is to record the names, addresses and telephone numbers of anyone involved or any witnesses to the Newport Beach car accident.

In the wake of what may seem to be an easy non-injury vehicle collision, you might not even consider contacting an accident lawyer. The situation looks simple, all you really have to do would be to file a claim with the other driver’s insurer. Then your car will be repaired, and everything will be OK. Wrong again! What about the harm you did not realize you’d endured until a couple of days went by? What about the physical treatment you’re going to need? How about the four days you lost from work because you’re so sore you could not get out of bed? Sure the insurance carrier wants to settle quickly. 1 reason they’re so pleasant and helpful is because they need a fast settlement. Why does a quick settlement help them and potentially hurt you? http://www.fiorentinolaw.com/

Use caution when speaking with another insurance company. Bear in mind, as soon as you settle, that is it, you can not ask for any more, even in the event that you have more medical expenses than you first thought. This is one of the primary reasons to have legal counsel whenever possible. The perfect accident attorney will have the ability to go over your case and the particulars with the insurance adjuster and explore the perfect settlement amount for your case. If the insurance carrier isn’t realistic or being honest, your personal injury attorney will begin the process of filing a lawsuit on your behalf. http://www.cadivorce.com/

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